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January 20, 2008

‘Visible thought: the new psychology of body language.’by Geoffrey Beattie( psychologist for the Big Brother TV programme.) Routledge. 2004.

This book examines the body language of the contestants on the Big Brother programme and explores a lot of hand and arm gestures for their meaning and relationship to an individuals emotions.

It helped to clarify the difference in the sort of movement I am interested in as this book refers to non-verbal communication movements  which are not the ones  that I have been currently looking at. That the movements I have been drawing on might need to be differently labeled to those that take when people are engaging in verbal  interaction. This, I feel, could be the form of interaction that becomes lost when we are communicating online.

If it is lost and important to our fully communicating then as a habitual and subconscious action it must take some other form, still happen or wither and if it does wither, than what happens how does that affect our communication on line and then subsequently, our face to face interaction?

How is the loss of the physical body in online communication like this affecting our sense of identity within relationships built on line, or are these not relationships? Or a new form of relationship with different boundaries and understandings?

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