U1 w21

February 2, 2008

It has been a frustrating week of illness and faults on the computer. I am finally changing my ISP next Friday and looking at buying a new computer if wiping this one (which has never worked since PC World added extra memory for me just before the MADA start date) and re installing with a new ISP doesn’t work.

All of which has had an affect on the out put for the required presentation.

One interesting and relevant programme on BBC TV this week which was

Wonderland,virtual adultery and cyberspace love.

This  documentary detailed the effect online relationships built and taking place in second life play on face to face real life relationships. I was interested in the implications, issues to do with faithfulness, cheating, hurting others, wish fulfilment, avatars, lack of physical contact. 

i have been trying to look a little more in to PGPD topics and was interested to read n Pat’s reflection of the issues he is facing with copyright regarding the use of The Lord Of The Rings for his project.

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