November 30, 2009

My project began as an attempt to question the link between our movements and our identities and understand if our engagement with mundane physical activities may be seen to contain relevance.

I have narrowed down the range of movements to focus on walking, an activity unique to humans, in an attempt to provide a framework to examine some of the issues around the lived body.

White sheet was an early piece that incorporated the use of  mundane movements; in it I tried hiding the body with the sheet to express the idea of the hidden, unconsidered body.

I used the format of slide share in order to create a very basic form of interaction with the piece. These are themes I would like to develop within the final piece.

The things that worked about this piece:

The camera set up.

Using a video clip to lift stills from.

Using an activity that hides/traps the body.

What would I develop further from this piece?

Save slide sequences as iMovies and incorporate sequences in to Korsakow to keep interactive element.

The things that didn’t work in this piece:

The imagery is too soft /hackneyed it doesn’t convey the idea strongly enough. It is too pleasing.

I wasn’t clear enough about viewing slide show quickly like a flick book to create the sense of movement rather than as a series of photos.

Haven‘t provided clear rationale for using slow motion.

What would change next time?


Might also try speeding up sequences.

Provide a clearer rationale for image speed.


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