December 4, 2009

Thinking  about taboos…  also the idea of a performance piece being documented by video or photograph if it needs to be witnessed in order to be a performance piece if the viewing of it can be accidental… and the possible implications not wearing shoes in western society… about Marina Abramovic saying she no longer did pieces about endurance… The shoe throwing political protestor… use of another taboo.

Yes it was bitterly cold, slippery and surprisingly challenging to let myself do.  Very worried about explaining to any other walkers what I was doing and why.


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  1. Claire Alonge Says:

    hi Susan, I like the photos. I am on the same course, part-time, year one. You can see my blog on the same page. Was wondering if you went to Glasgow School of Art by any chance, cos I noticed you mention a gallery in Glasgow. I went to GSA but it was years ago! Anyway, good luck and I will see you when you come for the show. Claire

    • susanmort Says:

      Hi Claire,
      thanks for your message. No I’ve not been to Glasgow before, but really looking forward to visiting it if I can get through the snow we’ve got here in Durham!

      Read your blog, really interesting stuff. Envy you being onsite, it must be great to be face to face student.

      Hope 2010 goes well for you.
      Best wishes

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