U2 W5

February 5, 2010


Tried out more video this week.

Finding Vimeo’s restrictive with its weekly file size and up load quotas because would like to publish several video clips weekly as it helps me to think about the choice of shots and editing sequences.

So considering  going for the WordPress video upgrade over the next couple of weeks hoping this will give me  more flexibility with uploading video.

Below is a walking on egg clips:

After viewing the snow video clips I was looking at stripping back the visual information contained in a piece to make it more focused as well as including acts of stillness.

And 2 snow clips:

One is of repetitive walking, and the other based on walking on snow and ice over in sequence of  several days as the snow melts.

Digital media allows rapid fire change of output, from a live act to video, edited video sequence, photographic stills, and printed matter. It offers a lot of choices. Think this issue in some way is important for the project. This is one of my understandings of digital media that it facilitates these transitions.


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