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March 8, 2010

Mail Art One is now packed and ready to post out.

mail art one spring 2010 PDF

Also posting down some books to London for a shared stall at the Arts Market that I was invited to be involved with by Katsura a former Camberwell digital arts student.

It was interesting to try out some new ideas and to re do some of the paper pieces I did back in the early 90’s in digital format.

One of the things I hoped to incorporate into the MA from unit one was an e-book but didn’t have time to develop the idea.

I have been looking into various options and would like to do a little more research into what might be possible to produce in the time frame.



Aim to have the summer issue of Mail Art One presented in this format along with the paper version.

Have also been thinking about the next live art piece and getting things together for that. Planing another live broadcast piece with in the next 14 days.

Walking on surfaces that are unsuitable may be a metaphor for society’s use of restricting movements as a means of control. Wether legally accepted or other wise.

This idea began with a mail art piece for the 1st International Mail Art Exhibition of Puerto Rico,  around the theme of stopping child abuse .

This idea has begins to try to open up to other issues such as those discussed in a recent online chat  about what can happen and has been experienced by some when photographing in public places or when carrying a camera which  resulted in the police intervening and requesting personal details due to the anti terror laws.

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