U2 W10

March 14, 2010

Have been reading through ‘Cyber feminism’ by Susan Hawthorne & Renate Klien Spinfex 1999  this week to try to engage with the core ideas for the final piece.

‘Our bodies our lives’ 1970’s Feminist slogan… rights of women have been bound up and illustrated by society’s interpretation and use of the female body.

Making politics of the body easily accessed through feminist writing but possibly giving a rather one sided (?) context?

I found little information of the politics surrounding the male body readily available or information specifically looking at bi or non heterosexual body politics?

The powers at play in body politics include institutional power expressed in government and laws, disciplinary power exacted in economic production, discretionary power exercised in consumption, and personal power negotiated in intimate relations. Individuals and movements engage in body politics when they seek to alleviate the oppressive effects of institutional and interpersonal power on those whose bodies are marked as inferior or who are denied rights to control their own bodies.

Read more: Body Politics – FEMINISM AND, RACIAL http://encyclopedia.jrank.org/articles/pages/6016/Body-Politics.html#ixzz0ho6lLpOK

Given the range of politics surrounding the body it must make sense that some where the change of physical bodily protocol that has come about in online communication must result in a sociological impact?

So what or where would the impact of this lack of former physical protocol which has been eradicated by online communication manifest?

The lack of physical accountability in much online communication

Another line of thought this week has come from a tutorial with Andy:

Andy asked me to consider role and the context of the space in the final piece and also the length of time a live piece would need to run to accommodate not only the private view but making and the external examiners.

I went back over some of the outlines for my essay to think about the manifestation of use of space and waking.

One of current but highly difficult examples of how destroying safety of walking is used to control people, their cultural identity in relation to geographic engagement and economic rights; is of countries where landmines have been deployed. (EG: Bosnia, Vietnam, Cambodia, and Afghanistan.)

In Bagram, Afghanistan, ‘the devil’s garden’ was an area heavily mined by the Soviets prior to the Taliban taking over the area. When the Taliban left these mines remained, unexploded.


Many of the mines in this area are in the process of being removed by the Halo Trust. In the devil’s garden where mines once lay hidden the mine has been detonated and the site is marked with a green stone.

(In some countries such as Cambodia rats in other countries specially trained dogs are used to help clear paths and cleared paths are then marked with painted stones.)

I have consciously shied away from political content in work. But this course has made me ask questions because of the desire to understand the place and impact of digital media and the level of questioning (Political) reflected in the work of some of my peers, has brought home that any work has a political context and content and it is best to try to enter in to a responsible dialogue with these issues if possible.

I am not sure I have the necessary ability to incorporate any comment or reference to these issues at an appropriate level in the final piece, but that area of thought is something to aim to continue to develop after this MA.

It does feel an uncomfortable fact that while we in the West could be understood to be reducing our need for physical accountability within our daily digital lives, the daily physical accountability for those in countries such as Afghanistan can have such a different meaning. And in some ways in the West we might be distancing ourselves from some physical understandings?

There is also the growing anomaly of the internet providing freedom of information and communication for much of the world but is now staring to bring about censorship of online facilities and networks in other countries.

Will spend the next couple of weeks thinking about the role of walking through space in relation to the project and also try to think some more about this idea of reduced physical protocol, societies use of control of movement and go back to the format Jonathan asked us to apply during unit one in 2007 of blogging in photos and video for the next couple of weblogs to shift focus firmly on to the visual and practical interpretation.


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