U2 collaboration with Sara

June 26, 2010

Sara’s Project: Reflect.

A few weeks back Sara a part time face to face student asked if I would be interested in collaborating with her on creating a small book of her works.

The cover was to be of a geometric design cut by Sara from mirror card.

It’s taken a few weeks longer than I had hoped to put together the layouts and get the prototype bindings to send Sara, but today 2 prototypes went out in the post to her.

The mirror card has proved technically difficult to attach to the book; I have tried two methods, tape and staples. The ideal way forward I think would be stitching through the cover, but I wanted Sara to see where things were heading before making further changed to the project.

heres the PDF for the layout

Saras layout version 3

And some photos of the project prototypes

It has been really good experience collaborating with Sara. Wish I had had more opportunity to be involved with direct collaborations with my peers in this way.


One Response to “U2 collaboration with Sara”

  1. […] has posted about her side of the process here: https://susanmort.wordpress.com/2010/06/26/u2-collaboration-with-sara/ Images of the books taken by Susan – capturing the shadows and reflections produced by the […]

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