U2 video

July 3, 2010

Below is the video sent down to Camberwell for assesment incase of poor broad band connectivity affective live feed piece and the revised statement to go along side of it.

Susan Mortimer

Walk the Line

This looped video comprises of 7 short films focusing on the act of walking in society.


‘Surface is where self meets that which is other than self.’ (Prof. Drew Leder)

This video explores ideas around connections between surface and identity.


Moving through a building which has previously been empty for a decade.

This video short explores the subject of abandonment and waste.


Line a video short which examines the role of the lived body in society. By ‘walking the line’ we achieve our goals, though limit choices and accept society’s dictates over our physical selves.


Explores the idea of society’s various demands on the lived body in relation to gender.


Cobbles focuses on the use of restricting walking as a means of social enforcement and balance as a method of torture. Taking as a starting point the use of balance as employed against Iraqi prisoners of war at Guantanamo Bay detainment facility.


A reference to the lived body and frequent derogatory terminology employed against it.

Snow Field:

This video references the plight of Jewish prisoners of war, whose survival was often dependent on their ability to walk through extreme weather conditions without shoes. Those who became unable to walk to their place of work due to damage sustained to their feet would be sent to the gas chambers.


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