U1 essay and assignment

March 15, 2008


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Please see below for learning out comes out line:

Learning outcomes assesment

March 15, 2008

Evidence of of Learning Critera Outcome.Criteria 1: An ability to implement practical and critical skills and processess according to individual objectives.Through out Unit One I have aimed to support my reseach through a range of practical processes in order to support and expand my research and to provide a platform for my critical understanding of the core ideas and practices to be involved. 

Please see the following entries for examples.

u1 w11

November 25, 2007

u1 january 6th 2008

u1 w20

January 31, 2008

u1 w24

February 19, 2008

u1 w28

March 9, 2008

 Criteria 2:

An ability to debate and evaluate the work:

I have tried to understand the process required for MADA and  debated  it in some of the following reflections:

project proposal

January 27, 2008

u1 w20

January 31, 2008

Criteria 3:

Ability to identify , anaylize and address the contextual implications of the work.

The reflective process has provided a platform to identify,anaylize and address the  contextual implications.  

u1 w11

November 20, 2007

u1 w18

January 20, 2008

u1 w25

February 24, 2008


March 18, 2008