U2 Censored Zine

June 26, 2010


Please be aware that this zine and Act Art’s site contain adult material which may cause offense to some and  is not suitable to people under the age of 18.

PDF call out for Censored zine that was listed in Artists Newsletter and Act Art’s Facebook Listings.

Censored Zine Call Out

There was a really postitive response to the call out for the zine.

Click here for the PDF version:

Censored Zine July 2010

A list of contributing artists and  their statements can be found  below:

Censored Zine Contributers List

Further ongoing connectivity issues this morning…so couldnt livestream as planned. So have been working on Censored zine and Camberwell catalogue.

U2 W26

June 4, 2010

Wednesday I was in at Empty shop testing streaming through my new notebook.

There was also an online chat for the show taking place so was able to take part in that briefly though the connection wasn’t strong and cut out once or twice. Connection seemed best if I held the notebook at head height, so this will be something to research again when I next go back in to Empty Shop.

Tested the new camera which has higher definition, and this gives a different feeling to finished video. Tried editing this clip as a test for MADA 10’s website, it has somehow developed horizontal lines. So that is something that needs resolving. Probably down to file type again.

An issue to think about for documenting is noise pollution, on this clip music from the studios on the floor above can be heard.

One function it does have is a time lapse setting. This was something I was trying out at the start of the course and didn’t get very far with. So I made a couple of short clips. this si me laying tape on the floor, which takes approx one hour to complete.

It made me really appreciate Kevin’s recent posting of a time lapse piece he had done which took 9 hours to film.

I also looked at the width of tape on the floor: trying a double width of it. It just didn’t look good, so have stuck to just a single strip. I now need to decide whether to use multi colour lines as I have been or go for one colour, possibly white as it is the most visible.

Another aspect to remember is that the floor slopes at the ES gallery work space and I forgot to factor that in when videoing this week.

Tried laying the line up the stairs of the space and out in to the hall way, but liked the constrained  line in the space the best.

I am also getting everything ready to put up next week end at ES, Durham. Waiting for some cards to arrive to send out locally, finishing an eflyer for it, and also trying to sort out with a local print company about text for the walls that I’d like to use if possible. The next week is going to be frightening.

During the online chat I was asked to print the MADA 10 catalogue/zine. It is a larger edition than I have run before, but it should be ok I hope. It is a responsibility reproducing everyone’s work to a good standard. So as time is tight expecting I will be stressed at times!

Paper arrived this afternoon for Camerwell MADA 10 catalogue/zine.

To give an idea of the quantity each individual box of paper weights around 3 stone.

So have been making lists of the various things I need to get done for showing at ES in Durham, documenting it, finishing the printing of Censored zine which I would like to include at the degree show, and of course undertaking producing the catalogue/zine.

I had a chance to ask a couple of people at Empty Shop to test walk ‘walk the line’.

Received some 1st hand feedback from Carlo and Meinir about the physical experience of walking to a constrained/predetermined path. Both Meinir and Carlo found walking quite difficult and uncomfortable and Carlo said it felt like it played a mind game; confusing  him about the speed he was walking and which pieces were going to be easy to walk.

Meinir said it confused her understanding of how fast she was walking.

Here are some clips of them:

This ties in to the peer feed back Andy suggested asking for during my last tutorial and the subsequent  email I sent out a couple of weeks back.  I had some valuble replies to the 3 videos I’d posted. Here’s a few:

Rod emailed:

‘the first clip is very visceral for me. I am wondering why you choose to shoot it during a bright sunny day. Why not at night or on a cloudy, windy day when it is colder?’

The answer for this was that the snow made reflective surface increasing light levels, but also as I mentioned at the time, I tended to wait for mid day, for the snow to warm a little before walking on it, otherwise it was unbearable and caused damage to the soles of my feet.

Sara  emailed:

‘bare/exposed skin coming in contact with rough textures, it gives me the heeby jeebies. lol I know that sounds funny and I’m not sure if it was your intention but that was what I felt. Also, the act of walking in bare feet on surfaces that are not smooth or warm would evoke those feelings from the average person too. As they watch those clips they would immediately think of how they would feel doing those things.’

This was a really helpful insight, that people have different physical understandings.

Different types of cognitive understandings arising from physical experiences or witnessing physical experiences. This makes sense. I am sorry that I haven’t been able to explore this. It would be a direction of study to expand for possible future PhD level study, which I would be interested in looking in to.

I am very grateful to all who took the time to reply. It really helped gain insights and look at the project more objectively.