U2 W20

May 11, 2010

Symposium feed back

I have taken a few days before posting about last week’s symposium because I wanted to digest the experience.

It was fantastic to have audio visual connection across the course. The range of projects was amazing and managed to attend most of both the Tuesday and Wednesday sessions.

It was interesting to see projects in a different environment and scale opposed to online in the blogs.

One question raised about my project was that the walking in some instances looked uncomfortable. In some ways it was meant to be uncomfortable, the snow piece was as that was exploring the bare foot walking experienced by Jews in the death camps during the Holocaust. In an attempt to develop a methodology to explore the meaning surrounding and consequence of being deigned shoes; the dual strength and fragility of the lived body.

I think there are many complex issues around the body, the digital and the human condition that I have become more aware of due to this period of study.

These pieces at the end of the course are really just sketches, beginnings hopefully of more robust thought through work that will follow on from this learning experience.

There were many symposium pieces I found compelling and well realised. Think the thing that for me came across from the symposium as a whole was how successful everyone’s digital arts practice was in creating a re examining of issues that are core to the human condition. Like coming back int to a familiar room through a different door and seeing the room afresh from a new view-point.

Initially after the symposium I was desperately sorry not to have been a face to face student and had more exposure but realise that my circumstances would have meant that I wouldn’t have made the best of that opportunity and that having  been an online student means in reality that I can make better use of opportunities in the future.

U2 w19

May 6, 2010

Final Show Piece:

To clarify about the form of the final piece for the MA show in July:

There are 2 options

1)      Live broadcast performance / actuation piece

The issues around this possibility are:

a)      Venue. Had a possible venue which has fallen through. Need to rethink about the space/environment.

b)      Personal issues which mean it is not always possible to keep commitments. So being able to provide live broad cast over several days is a gamble.

2)      Interactive Korsakow based piece.


Have used Korsakow previously in unit one for the college interim show, and is a project that has been an ongoing part of my MA project.

Below is a link for a test site. There are issues with compression of file  sizes on the test site which are getting resolved.

There maybe issues around file storage size so have been looking at web hosting for the project. Had  help from my sister  and her partner with setting this site up.


Please scroll down the page to click on a thumb nail video clip.

Korsakow allows  a random element in linking videos which echos the unpredictable nature of the human body.

These are quite different project outcomes.  But the aim is to keep the door open on pursuing the actuation while finishing the Korsakow project in the next few weeks.

Symposium 2

May 1, 2010