Last Tutorial:

We discussed my broadcast at the week end. Jonathan mentioned that adverts come up on the Livestream screen if it’s watched in full screen mode, so am thinking about this, and the possibility of paying for a month to avoid this for the degree show broad cast.

Jonathan mentioned Gillian Wearing’s video 1996 work ‘Sixty minute silence’. Wearing has been an artist I have been aware of in the context of my work.

We discussed the idea of moving the piece out of doors to a street setting there are several issues over health and safety to do with this idea that I am not sure I will have time to resolve. But will be a project to take forward from the end of the MA.

We also discussed the positive impact the loss of broadband connectivity had on changing the piece to something more immediate and less staged. We also touched on the element of endurance to my work which is coming to the forefront.

We talked about the impact and importance of a piece being broadcast live rather than as a dvd. I still need to blog to clarify my position and ideas on this.

This is an issue that has just come up in an email today from Ina about cables and connectivity at the show and with the imacs having low wifi broadband connectivity.  Have been having ongoing connectivity issues again at home this week as has my sister working at Derby City Council where their broadband has been dropping out suddenly for half days over the past two weeks.

So will definitely create and send down a video in case connectivity is poor on the night or for the assessment.

The work just seems to be increasing.

It feels rather like trying to pack a house ready for moving, where you find your self living between two states or place of beinigng: one foot in the past and one in the future;  exciting, sad, bewildered too at times.

I am trying to be methodical.  Am starting to get a real sense of the journey I have made over this course. Its given me a bit of a shock as just now it seems to have been a huge one. Having more impact and bringing about more change than I realised. Now am focusing on packing up and letting go and looking ahead ready for the next leg of the journey.

Catalogue update:

The layout is pretty much complete. I have printed and folded the covers today.

Made mock ups using 2 different weights of paper:

There are 3 images that seem to be printing incorrectly and leaving un printed gaps in the image. I had this with the logo design and had to find a work around which will do again with these images if possible.

I also have concerns over the weight of paper for the catalogue given the number of pages, 27, which makes the final catalogue thicker than usual so am looking at other possible paper options as I want this to be as right as possible for the group.

Tutorial Form

May 13, 2010

Final Project Piece:

We discussed necessity for keeping this simple.

Andy advised me to think about the project from the point of view of an individual who wasn’t aware of my back ground work, and advised me to ask for feed back from both on liners and f2f students.

He also suggested that I define the reasons and differences between presenting a live streamed piece and presenting a pre recorded video piece.

These were really helpful pointers and I will attempt to address them over the next week.

Tutorial Form 9:3:10

March 14, 2010

Camberwell College of Arts

MA Visual Arts Course 2008-09


Student to complete this and email to tutor or place a copy in the staff mailbox within one week of a tutorial / feedback request

Pathway: MA Digital Arts

Name: Susan Mortimer                                Date: 9 March 2010

Issues discussed/Subject:

Andy discussed the final project with me. Andy advised focusing on the detail of the piece and to think about the role space plays in my work for the project.

Andy also advised thinking about the length of time a live performance piece would need to be to cover the assessment, external examiners and the private view and to consider separate performances and that it was a good idea to have a back up performance on disc prepared in case of mishaps.

We also discussed why I wanted to use the live art format and my understanding about physical accountability and the experience for the viewer was different.


Helpful tutorial: helped me refocus on the final piece which I was feeling dislocated from because of feeling pressurized by implications of being assessed by it.

Name of Tutor: Andy Stiff

Sign:                                                                                       Date  14 March 2010

U2 W4

January 25, 2010

Camberwell College of Arts

MA Visual Arts Course 2008-09


Student to complete this and email to tutor or place a copy in the staff mailbox within one week of a tutorial / feedback request


MA Digital Arts

Name:                                                                                                             Date:

Susan Mortimer                                                                      25 January 2010

Issues discussed/Subject:

Discussed with Andy the best way to manage unit 2 and completing the course with my current circumstances.

Andy has suggested creating small tasks for each week.

Andy also gave me positive feedback for unit one which helped me feel more confident about what’s needed for unit 2.


Name of Tutor: Andy Stiff

Sign:                                                                                                               Date:


September 18, 2009

Camberwell College of Arts

MA Visual Arts Course 2008-09



Student to complete this and email to tutor or place a copy in the staff mailbox within one week of a tutorial / feedback request





Name: Susan Mortimer                                Date: 17 September 2009




Issues discussed/Subject:





Returning to the course:


We discussed the areas I need to complete for the unit1: MPR and the essay. Talked about the use of the blog and around the concept of presenting a professional front and discussed projects that I am currently involved in for the next couple of months. Andy mentioned that a lot can be achieved without necessarily needing to always be out and meeting people face to face.





 (New deadline for my handing in the essay is now around the 7th December due to having taken the year out.)


Andy discussed ways of planning and constructing the essay with me and mentioned that my essay out line was too broad and needed refining suggested using mind mapping as a tool to get the ball rolling.


Andy also suggested taking one or two practitioners and using them as a focusing tool and suggested Donna Hathaway, Esinman, and Stelarc as reference points around ideas the dematerialized and the materialized and use them to create a focused debate. These are 3 practitioners who I have previously done some research around for this area so I hope that with some thought it will be possible to put forward a focused paper.




We also touched on the issue I am currently having with loss of sound recorded on footage and Andy suggested exporting audio footage and then re importing it.







It was helpful to discuss the essay as my ideas have been very loose and it has been quite hard to marshal them to a focused point. Particularly as having taken a year out has meant that the thread I kept going for the course spiralled out and created several different threads. Putting together the MPR and curating and tagging the blog should provide a good tool for creating an overview and a more focused dialogue.










Name of Tutor: Andy Stiff



Sign:   Susan Mortimer                                 Date: 17th September 2009