U2 W20

May 11, 2010

Symposium feed back

I have taken a few days before posting about last week’s symposium because I wanted to digest the experience.

It was fantastic to have audio visual connection across the course. The range of projects was amazing and managed to attend most of both the Tuesday and Wednesday sessions.

It was interesting to see projects in a different environment and scale opposed to online in the blogs.

One question raised about my project was that the walking in some instances looked uncomfortable. In some ways it was meant to be uncomfortable, the snow piece was as that was exploring the bare foot walking experienced by Jews in the death camps during the Holocaust. In an attempt to develop a methodology to explore the meaning surrounding and consequence of being deigned shoes; the dual strength and fragility of the lived body.

I think there are many complex issues around the body, the digital and the human condition that I have become more aware of due to this period of study.

These pieces at the end of the course are really just sketches, beginnings hopefully of more robust thought through work that will follow on from this learning experience.

There were many symposium pieces I found compelling and well realised. Think the thing that for me came across from the symposium as a whole was how successful everyone’s digital arts practice was in creating a re examining of issues that are core to the human condition. Like coming back int to a familiar room through a different door and seeing the room afresh from a new view-point.

Initially after the symposium I was desperately sorry not to have been a face to face student and had more exposure but realise that my circumstances would have meant that I wouldn’t have made the best of that opportunity and that having  been an online student means in reality that I can make better use of opportunities in the future.

U2 W14

April 3, 2010

Visual Expectations:

While I was pleased with the video from the session at  Empty Shop I was disappointed by the quality of image from my camcorder. Especially when compared to stills I shot with my still camera which gave good depth of field.

To achieve depth of field to get the kind of visual impact I am aiming for I’d need to upgrade to a pro camcorder and may also require pro soft wear to edit, both of which are out of my price range

Looked into using Adobe Photoshop CS3 to create DOF on to video


but am uncomfortable about taking altering the footage in this way.

Aim to focus on the few elements that will be included in the video. If I am doing a live cast piece there won’t be the option of using Photoshop to create DOF.

Will also need to experiment with what quality streaming will allow. There seem to be quite a few issues to resolve and not much time.

So the type of camera is going to be a key element.

Looking in to camcorders… there are very few available 2nd hand on Ebay that offer interchangeable lenses and most of the lenses are wide angle. There is the option of a DIY adaptor to give DOF.


Another option is the newer digital SLR by Canon and Nikon some of which are now offering a HD video recording functions.


I emailed Kevin to see if he had any experience of these cameras and he suggested the possibility of hiring the equipment. Which is a good option, but still expensive as most companies seem to require £1000 deposit.

I am also trying to establish the ideas of the piece and if this idea for a particular visual quality is just aesthetic based on a casual visual expectation.  But I am fairly certain that I want to achieve a crispness similar to that achieved with the still camera.

I am not yet able to fully articulate the rationale for the need of shooting the piece in this way more fully in relation to the project but feel that this isn’t just a case of visual snobbery but of intention to create a strong sense focus within the piece and to use the depth of focus when moving through the piece that can only be achieved by having an option of DOF.

November 25 2008

November 25, 2008




Still waiting for official confirmation from Camberwell over taking this year out on medical grounds.



I will be unable to complete the work anyway in the time that is left this term. So I am worried this may result in my loosing my place on the MA if a response doesn’t come in time for the end of term.


On the other hand I am wondering how important continuing the MA is. I have heard that the course will be a different one next year anyway so wonder what adjustments maybe needed.


I had to pull out of the House Gallery show. I didn’t like letting the group down but had to be sensible.


Last week I was sent for a colonoscopy. This gave the opportunity to view my lower intestine. It was a strange experience of seeing personal everyday movements which were stripped of many of the connotations I have been struggling to remove from my project.


How to bring coherence?



unit 2 10 November 2008

November 10, 2008


The paper work in support of taking a year out is slowly filtering through Camberwell. Things are taking longer than they might due to a mix up over a letter from my GP which got sent to the wrong place.


So I am still existing in a sort of no man’s land and awaiting an outcome. I hope that it will be in support of the year out as I have not attempted the written components for this unit.


I did manage to send work down for the interim show at Camberwell. Which felt like a huge achievement and I am asking if I might be included in the House Gallery show as I seem to be finding it hard to take my foot off the pedal and am worried I will miss out on practical experience that will help returning to the course.


Meanwhile this week Samuel and I face 2 hospital appointments and a couple of GP visits for each of us.


So it all feels quite uncertain, and my main response to this is exhaustion….


this work I was starting in the summer seems a long time ago! Maybe I will be able to compile it into something for the House Gallery?



U2 w5(?)

October 27, 2008




Mail Art One issue 2 was completed last week and posted out. Sent out to London Print Workshop, Northern Print Workshop and also to Camberwell for the interim show.

I was pleased to finally finish it as I felt a responsibility towards the artists who had contributed their work.


I am in the process of completing forms to take the year out and waiting for a letter from my GP in support of this on medical grounds. I hope to keep both this weblog and Mail Art One going over the next 12 months as a life line.


I am finding it quite difficult to keep the various threads of the practice going. As my concentration isn’t very good at the moment. The small clips of film I have submitted for the interim show are quite laborious to compile as I extract stills and have to be precise tracking the changes in the movement sequence.


I would like to make a longer piece in this way using Korsakow. It is good to be able to work in very small segments.


I need to get a web site up as a platform for Korsakow. I hope to do this slowly over the next 12 months. Also should be trying to read and make notes for the papers.


David kindly sent a clip of film of himself walking and I found it very helpful. It brought home how much information there is just in shots of legs and feet.


This has made me think again about how best to film these clips and possibly filming or photographing movement in very low light levels or very close up.


U2 W4

October 8, 2008


Just had my tutorial with Andy on Monday.


We discussed the practicality of my taking a year out to try to get in to a more stable place health wise. Hope to have clearer idea of this will work next week, and to clarify whether this will take place immediately or at the end of Unit 2 in December.


The possibility of not completing the MA with my peers makes me uncomfortable but also fills me with a sense relief. I really like the group and feel as though I am letting them down by bottling out but on the other hand when Andy and I were talking about it the feeling of ‘thank goodness that might be possible’ was huge.


It has become harder juggling my various roles: my son’s health care and home education (which is reviewed annually by our local authority and he has just been passed for another year with flying colours) and take on the knowledge of having a condition myself and the realities of my allergy to the medication for that condition.





October 3, 2008

                          some rough notes….