U2 show presentation

June 30, 2010

This will be the layout for the video loop for the show.  I  have kept it as simple and straight forward as possible.

The WNF video file should play ok on an imac as I checked with Ina who explained there was an upload available at Camberwell to enable imacs to play these files.

I have emailed this photo to Jenni who is kindly installing my space for me as I cant get down until the 9th July when I go down with the catalogues.

I exchanged places with Constantina todayas she needed to be in the dark room.  I am not too sure now which area in the light room my work is being shown in, but asked Jenni if she’d mind emailing a photo of the space when its set up.  Am  posting her a memory stick with the video, some zines and a book stand.  Incase Andy hasnt had the one I sent down or there is a problem.

Here is a stack of finished catalogues.

Need to crack on with completing unit 2 assesment. And more catalogue binding!


Finished the documentation , video and revised statement for the show this morning.

This is the envelope with everything in ready to go down to Andy…It doesnt look much!

This is the video rendering this morning. I will post clips from it and the revised statement latter.

Have approximately 100 catalogues ready to go down to Ina for the assesment.

Will be busy the next few days compeleting the catalogue and unit 2 assesment.

U2 broadband issues

June 28, 2010

Here’s photos of BT broadband dropping connectivity over the last few days…have made a new account with Livestream to do a live feed, even if its just for the assesments. It is a real battle and quite wearing not having any certianty this close to the wire about what will be possible on the day.

U2 Censored Zine

June 26, 2010


Please be aware that this zine and Act Art’s site contain adult material which may cause offense to some and  is not suitable to people under the age of 18.

PDF call out for Censored zine that was listed in Artists Newsletter and Act Art’s Facebook Listings.

Censored Zine Call Out

There was a really postitive response to the call out for the zine.

Click here for the PDF version:

Censored Zine July 2010

A list of contributing artists and  their statements can be found  below:

Censored Zine Contributers List

Sara’s Project: Reflect.

A few weeks back Sara a part time face to face student asked if I would be interested in collaborating with her on creating a small book of her works.

The cover was to be of a geometric design cut by Sara from mirror card.

It’s taken a few weeks longer than I had hoped to put together the layouts and get the prototype bindings to send Sara, but today 2 prototypes went out in the post to her.

The mirror card has proved technically difficult to attach to the book; I have tried two methods, tape and staples. The ideal way forward I think would be stitching through the cover, but I wanted Sara to see where things were heading before making further changed to the project.

heres the PDF for the layout

Saras layout version 3

And some photos of the project prototypes

It has been really good experience collaborating with Sara. Wish I had had more opportunity to be involved with direct collaborations with my peers in this way.

U2 future developments

June 26, 2010

Have joined Cultureworks an organization here in the North East that I hope will help me to continue to develop professionally on leaving the MA.


It provides access to workshops for gradutates focusing on developing a business which i have signed up for. I was invited to attend the current sessions that started this week, but they were twice weekly for the next month or so and ther eis just too much ongoing  for that to be practical so I will wait for the next session  to attend.

Heard earlier this week that Walk the Line will be shown this August via the Meanwhile project in Stockton-on Tees.

Really pleased to have been allocated a slot  as it allows further development of the work in a  professional venue.

There seems to be a huge amount of work happening just now and I have been continuing to work on the back up video and documentation videos for Camberwell.

I realized that the making of the video is in many ways is about taking control; and am realizing that I need to clarify for myself if the video is to solely be documentation or a more intuitive creative piece.

If it is an intuitive piece does it stop the video being documentation?

This video by Alistair MacLennan raises queries about documentation of live art.