U2 looking forward

July 3, 2010

There is a really exciting project to look forward to taking place a few weeks  after the MA; an invitation to create a live art piece for a festival taking place in Falmouth, Cornwall towards the end of August.

Will be meeting the show’s curator, Rachel, to discuss things in more detail when I travel down to London next week to bring the catalogues down to Camberwell and to attend Act Art’s Censored event night with the issue of Censored zine created specifically for the event night.

I decided to put the zine in an enevelope for Camberwell, just incase there might be any visitors who would find the content in anyway upsetting.

Live Art Development Agency have an nationwide workshop event taking place through out August; DIY7 2010.

I have been offered a place for the one taking place  in Newcastle, Walking on Air, lead by Sean Burn and Tim Rubidge, which deals with disability.

I hope that these two events along with the short show in Stockton through the Meanwhile Project and the new studio in Durham will provide a  solid platform to continue the work which really is just begining through having taken  this MA.