There seems to be a huge amount of work happening just now and I have been continuing to work on the back up video and documentation videos for Camberwell.

I realized that the making of the video is in many ways is about taking control; and am realizing that I need to clarify for myself if the video is to solely be documentation or a more intuitive creative piece.

If it is an intuitive piece does it stop the video being documentation?

This video by Alistair MacLennan raises queries about documentation of live art.

Symposium 2

May 1, 2010

U2 W18

April 28, 2010

Being a tough few days with several issues to resolve.

Have begun to prepare the next issue of Mail Art One and ordered paper. So far has been only a small indication of interest for using it to promote the MA show so I am putting together a call out as usual.

My computer has been throwing up some issues, crashing when I edit video, (I have had continuing issues editing video on this pc for some time), dropping files, and having trouble with internet connection. So my next move is to replace it. This means that the money for camera/ final project is less than it would have been. I had envisaged a problem that would cut into the budget, but not one this large. It is also holding up producing the symposium video. Fortunately the posting date is now Monday 9 am.

Also issues here continue to dictate a move for the final piece being Korsakow based. Including the venue I had approached to use for a live cast for the show and final assessment has had an alternative show booking, and I am also pushed by ongoing issues here so the choice needs to be firmly made now about which platform to stick with.

I am looking to the possibility for web hosting the Korsakow piece as the video files are large and will not probably fit on a disc or stick. My web site wont host Korsakow’s programming so I have emailed the hosting company mentioned on the Korsakow site.

Emailed actuationist Alastair MacLennan last week and had a kind reply from him. That has been the high light of the week and given me encouragement and appetite for the next stage of the journey.

Unit 2:Week 1

January 8, 2010

New printer installed, so back on track with the Glasgow edition of Mail Art.

Been trying out some experiments with a JVC digital video (mini tape) camera I got a while back on ebay. It came without discs, manual (though managed to download one after a bit of searching), or cables and I needed to get a port installed on the computer for it.

Having got these issues ironed out have been doing some experiments with the camera making use of all this snow we’ve been having.

Back in the start of the course in 2007 one of the first books I read was ‘Man’s Search For Meaning. The Classic Tribute to Hope From The Holocaust’ by Victor E. Frankl. There is a very powerful description of the Holocaust victims being made to walk through snow to their place of work frequently without shoes.

Shoes were one of the items that were often taken from those on entering the concentration camps. The survival of the holocaust internees was often linked to the condition of their feet, whether they had sores or infections and were unable to work due to this.

The piece I saw late last year in Newcastle by performance artist Alastair MacLennan involved him sitting under a pile of discarded footwear conveyed a layer of poignancy because of having read these accounts in Frankl’s book.

In ‘Snow Circuit’ I wanted to look at the idea of walking a repetitive circuit through snow bare footed. The original video clip is over 25 minuets with further video clips added each day. It becomes very difficult to walk these circuits due to the ground becoming icy and compacted or uneven. It becomes vey tiring not just from the cold underfoot but from the extra exertion required to keep balancing walking on an uneven surface.

The snow is very disorientating and blurs boundaries.

Quick note  about health and safety:

I am being very careful about frost bite, split skin, and chill blanes, waiting for the warmest part of the day to undertake walking bare foot and limiting the amount of time spent walking on the snow each day especially once it becomes compacted. Not exposing feet directly to heat sources after walking through the snow. Also being aware of  any  possible damage to skin from ongoing exposure. Being very careful about walking through snow when out video ing   ‘ Snow Field’ incase of sharp objects/ uneven surfaces hidden by snow. Carrying a mobile at all times as well as basic 1st aid equipment.

Used this video to lift stills:

And make a short slideshow:

Also working on a piece ‘Snow field’ which has a different focus and is more to do with issues between body and environment. Some further work lies ahead now with research into filming and editing techniques.

Need to read though Tuesdays chat achieve and make notes for unit 2 requirements and create a timetable.

November 15, 2009

Went up to Newcastle this Saturday to visit ‘Coil to Met’ an actuation by artist Alastair MacLennan.

It was both disorientating, being shown in a disused bathroom sales room, with leaking ceilings, and empty display bays. Disconcerting with MacLennan’s disciplined use of his own body; sitting immobile under a mound of old discarded shoes.

The real impact for me was that the presence and involvement of the artists own person of the piece.

I spend a lot of time looking at work on the internet, or in galleries where the artist has absented themselves, left the building, and for me MacLennan’s piece brought a level of impact that I haven’t experienced before.

It has made me resolve to buy a projector for a version of the projection piece outlined a couple of posts back.