November 2, 2009

June 10, 2009





I have been thinking about the body in digital arts and the idea I mentioned a couple of posts ago that digital media have provided me with a wonderful new set of tools to engage in examining physicality and to try to question whether this digital environments impact on our physicality and therefore our identities.


It has made me try to re examine an idea of the body as missing or absent in our digital lives impacting and thereby possibly subtly altering our real physical body/identity and expectation, due to the changed mental and physical interaction we experience when engaging in digital media or virtual worlds.


It has also made me re examine the query about defining digital art. Is digital art defined as any art work using digital tools like cameras, printers or is it an art form that exists only in digital form, or can it be a hybrid form?


I would like to try to look at these questions a little more.


During some on line research I came across this online article by professor Alejandro Lleras of the University of Illinois in the  the Psychonomic Bulletin & Review Journal, about his findings on how the  body’s movements influence problem solving..

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