December 4, 2009

Thinking  about taboos…  also the idea of a performance piece being documented by video or photograph if it needs to be witnessed in order to be a performance piece if the viewing of it can be accidental… and the possible implications not wearing shoes in western society… about Marina Abramovic saying she no longer did pieces about endurance… The shoe throwing political protestor… use of another taboo.

Yes it was bitterly cold, slippery and surprisingly challenging to let myself do.  Very worried about explaining to any other walkers what I was doing and why.


December 4, 2009

Image Marina Abramovic presents….from the Manchester International festival 2009.

Marina Abramovic  interview  Journal of Contemporary Art, Inc. June 1990

November 30, 2009

My project began as an attempt to question the link between our movements and our identities and understand if our engagement with mundane physical activities may be seen to contain relevance.

I have narrowed down the range of movements to focus on walking, an activity unique to humans, in an attempt to provide a framework to examine some of the issues around the lived body.

White sheet was an early piece that incorporated the use of  mundane movements; in it I tried hiding the body with the sheet to express the idea of the hidden, unconsidered body.

I used the format of slide share in order to create a very basic form of interaction with the piece. These are themes I would like to develop within the final piece.

The things that worked about this piece:

The camera set up.

Using a video clip to lift stills from.

Using an activity that hides/traps the body.

What would I develop further from this piece?

Save slide sequences as iMovies and incorporate sequences in to Korsakow to keep interactive element.

The things that didn’t work in this piece:

The imagery is too soft /hackneyed it doesn’t convey the idea strongly enough. It is too pleasing.

I wasn’t clear enough about viewing slide show quickly like a flick book to create the sense of movement rather than as a series of photos.

Haven‘t provided clear rationale for using slow motion.

What would change next time?


Might also try speeding up sequences.

Provide a clearer rationale for image speed.


November 2, 2009

October 1, 2009

This week has been spent researching for the essay which seems to be a huge wall to scramble over. My peers finished theirs this week and posted them having read through them it is obvious the level hat is expected. The comfort is that reading Tuesdays chat archive (couldn’t attend Tuesdays chat due to a hospital appointment) everyone seems to have taken a journey to get to the finished paper.

I decided to do some online research in to the context of walking.

This is the resulting thread:

Walking definition



Totality of everyday life:

And this article by Guy Ernst Debord

Everyday life is not everything – although its osmosis with specialized activities is such that in a sense we are never outside of everyday life. But to use a facile spatial image, we still have to place everyday life at the center of everything. Every project begins from it and every realization returns to it to acquire its real significance. Everyday life is the measure of all things: of the fulfillment or rather the nonfulfillment of human relations; of the use of lived time; of artistic experimentation; of revolutionary politics.

It seems to me that this phrase “critique of everyday life” could and should also be understood in this reverse sense: as everyday life’s sovereign critique of everything that is external or irrelevant to itself. The question of the use of technological means, in everyday life and elsewhere, is a political question (and out of all the possible technical means, those that are implemented are in reality selected in accordance with the goal of maintaining one class’s domination)

Have also been considering developing the ideas in the August steps video.

Been thinking about how people walk heel to toe, about the way the physical action of walking moves through the body.

Wondering about ways to film people walking to see what might be revealed.

Have a couple of ideas around this, based on the small pieces I did at the end of the course last year at the local community centre here. Need a couple of small video cameras, seen some cheap ones on ebay. Thinking of a mobile structure to house them on to attempt to film different view points simultaneously while moving and reduce camera shake.

Tracked down a lecture posted on the Dance Tech web site by philosopher of embodiment Alva Noe, talking about his book ‘Out of our heads: why you are not your brain.’

In this talk Noe states that:

‘Consciousness is not something that happens inside of us- it is something that we achieve’.

‘It depends on a dynamic, on an interaction… it depends on our larger bodies, environment dependent capacities, on our emplacement in a landscape of a particular kind and indeed ultimately on other people as well.’

Have also been doing some research on Stelarc’s and his ideology. His statement that the architecture of our biological body is now obsolete, that humans already exists as cyborgs due to our use of technologies and are developing even further in to a hybrid cyborg creations.

Have ordered a monologue on Stelarc and am hoping to build a better contextual understanding of his position.

Artist Patti Belle Hastings takes on some of these same issues in her artists’ book and website Cyborg Mommy.

August 16, 2009


isadora screen grab


 This past weeks work has been chaotic and spread out over too many areas. I am still working by making wide sweeping loops over subjects rather than focusing and pursuing directed goals and need to address this. 


I spent some more time this week with the Isadora soft wear. There are some areas I can’t seem to get to function and am checking through to see if this is down to using the demo version so all the functions may not be enabled or if I do not understand the required process.


Also tried out the newer version of Korsakow this week, but got stuck as it was conflicting with the Credo soft wear, which seems to have dropped some of its files when installed and placed folders in random areas on the computers memory and now isn’t accessing them properly.


I am aiming to use the older version of Korsakow for the project using the pedometer and daily film clips. It has been quite hard to film each day and to wear the pedometer. There have been a couple of days where for one reason or another I haven’t managed to get some video. I am trying to work out how to include these days where I am left with an amount of steps taken but no film. I have a couple of weeks left of filming left as I set the time frame of August for the project. I hope to start editing the clips and resizing them for Korsakow next week. Hoping this process will help start to develop a visual style that Andy recommended I start to create during the online chat I had with him.


Photoshop is behaving erratically, taking a long time to find files and shutting down unexpectedly in the middle of a process. Think there may either be a virus on the computer, or that the mother board is going as I am having trouble shutting the computer down and a having to resort to pulling the plug on it. This failing to shut down has been my experience with my previous computer when on its failing.


I went back to look at the different video file types to see if I can figure a way of working round the loss of quality when saving video clips. Was trying out different video file types on Microsoft slide share as a possible work round to Korsakow. Found that it has to be windows media or it won’t play… so the camcorder’s file type will work for any project based on Microsoft slide share. Initially I was able to save video files from the camcorder as movie files… but not any more. Going through these work arounds this week is confirming that the computer isn’t doing too well.


There is the apple to work on but again this means a new learning curve and it has a lot of preinstalled soft wear so unless I remove some of those programmes I won’t have room to put on things like Photoshop or Credo.


This brings about that I need to clear the decks some what to prepare for September and try to resolve these conflicting issues and sharpen my basic understanding of the appropriate technologies to go forward to complete the MA.


Did manage to get to the DLI and got to see Sumit Sarkar’s – Ananta 



Have been reading Drew Leder’s ‘The Absent Body.’ (University of Chicago Press Cicago and London. 1990)



He states:


‘…my body is indicated as the orientational center in relation to which every thing else takes its place.’


(Chapter 1  p.22)


Also started to print the autumn issue of Mail Art One. The printer is jamming.


Over all it’s felt quite a frustrating week progress wise, but the trade off hopefully will be a more disciplined methodology and out look and well worth the effort. Hope to outline the timetable Andy requested next week when I have a better idea of the way forward with the different areas and issues that are cropping up.

July 10, 2009

Andy asked us to watch a video of architect Daniel Libeskind to discuss during  Tuesdy’s online chat.

Libeskind used the phrase ‘space that’s only been entered in the mind.’

I made this short animation last month when I was beginning to think about the disappearing body and began to think about the notion of disappearing physical space in the digital environment.

Was made uncomfortable by some of Libeskind‘s statements such as his vehement refusal to separate his value of buildings from the political setting of their country. 

Went up to the DLI Gallery Wednesday to visit the Laura Ford’s ‘Glory Glory’ and Dean Chapman’s ‘Children of Conflict’

Both artists dealing with issues of conflict and the shows were difficult viewing.

Kevin and Jenni were discussing photography and the difference between digital and film.

I mentioned I had seen a documentary about David Hockney recently and that he was using his iphone to create paintings which had interested me because of the more directly physical interaction available in creating the work.