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September 11, 2009

MAVA started back on Tuesday with the 1st group chat which caught me on the back foot as I had only remembered in the morning the chat was taking place.


T he chat discussion was around the essay and tagging and curating the weblogs.


Have felt dislocated from the blogging process since the chat with Andy a month or so back and been unsure as how to use the tool. There was an interesting discussion with Jonathan Kearney abut learning and methodologies to achieve learning.


It again brought home to me how entrenched I am in a previous understanding about learning and aims and how I need to make adjustments to my practice.


The area around providing a structured context both with in my own vision and also in terms of others practice is proving to be my biggest challenge, to keep a coherent overview rather than to just go with the flow.


I am struggling to move away from just letting my practice evolve organically and not keep on top of it to build a context.



Have been thinking again about the journey of my questioning of movement that developed through becoming aware of repeated actions whilst printmaking, which then lead me on in to dance practice to try to explore this better. The time spent in a dance focused environment provided me with a valuable way of looking at body movement and awareness.


I am finding myself struggling across disciplines and their languages or terminologies and thought structures and also across what really amounts to over 30 years of disparately weaving in and out of practice. The request to draw this all in to one directed line of discussion is a big ask. But something that feels core and something that is one of the core reasons I have chosen to take this MA despite it challenging me in any areas.


This week I returned to researching movement ideas by looking at choreographers who take repeated movements and build with them.


Choreographer Edouard Locke’s work is very specific and precise.


He makes this statement about movement:


‘the only thing that gives us a shape is our memory of a shape.’




‘Because we are imative creatures if we are not clear about the shape of the body we are perceiving we are unclear about our own shape.’





‘when we look at something we have multiple layers. We look at the thing we are looking at and we often have mental images beside them… we are used to creating multiple series of layers visually.’



And for an example of his choreography: