Really busy week end so will try to start blogging it all and will update if necessary.

Here is the show reel clip for the college web site:

The invitation card:

Things didn’t run smoothly due to connectivity issues in the building, which meant couldn’t stream successfully from Empty Shop HQ workspace/gallery. The connection kept dropping.

After over an hour of trying I was on the point of abandoning the live cast but Nick from Empty Shop insisted I wait and try when Carlo arrived at 2 pm. We made the decision to move the site of the performance to a landing outside the office where broadband connectivity was better.

I think the piece was ultimately more successful when taking place in a less dictated and staged space.

Andy had mentioned previously that he felt the snow walking pieces were more representive of the walking asspect of the project than the balancing pieces and the immedicacy and simplicity of the set up on the landing at Empty Shop brought something of the same quality of the snow pieces to the live streamed piece which will be an asspect I hope to include in further work.

This is the recording of the livecast piece embedded on my web site:

A link for the cast was put on online art events listings, as well as cards and emails sent out and Anna-Leiza posting it on MADA 10’s Twitter account.

I was pleased with the viewing figures, which although were small had had to contend with broadband issues, being a Sunday afternoon and start of the World Cup.

A compilation of the whole event:

This final clip was made using the tag cloud of vinyl lettering:

This has been a really positive piece of practice and will provide a good platform for moving forward with the final piece.

Installing today at Empty Shop HQ, Durham My sister came in to help as there was a good amount of work to do preping walls, filling holes, painting, installing text, laying text and the tape for tomorrow.

(More transport woes as the buses have been re routed due to flood work on the roads so getting down in to Durham was more long winded than it should have been. No buses from our estate tomorrow as they dont run on a Sunday. Will need to get a taxi if its raining.)

By the end of the day I wasn’t holding the camera steady enought to take decent photos!

Go back in for 10.30 am to finish installing and setting up for 1. pm start.

U2 w27

June 11, 2010

This week has been quite challenging.

Attempted Livestreaming from Empty Shop HQ this week, found the connectivity variable and cutting out frequently. So am trying to get my hands on a 15 meter ether net cable for Saturday.

Have had trouble updating my web site this week as BT has been timing out and dropping the internet connection with their server going down.

This got really problematic on Wednesday where it totally lost the connection for the afternoon and I needed the help from BTS support team to re programme the PC’s settings to get connection back.

I have a small video to embed tomorrow if I run in to further problems with connectivity on Saturday.

Finally managed to fully up date the website this afternoon:

My html is very basic so the layout isnt as good as I would like.

Got the lettering for the gallery walls on Tuesday from Signtime Graphics in Ferry Hill. They were very helpful. These are the sheets of text back home.

My friend’s car who was planning to give me lifts this week end, has broken down so there is a last minuet shuffle about getting things down to Empty Shop HQ tomorrow to begin installing.

But my siter has taken some leave off from her job and come up from Derby to help out over this week end.

It has been quite a difficult week and hope it will calm down and gel over the week end.

It will be useful run through for the Livestream casting for the final show.

Ina transfrered £360 acroos to me via paypal for printing the catalogues, so ordered the cover paper from Jessops on Thursday.

U2 W22

May 21, 2010

Final MA Project Update:

The last few weeks have been extreemly stressful due to personal circumstances. And I have been worried sick about completing the final project

Things came to bit of a head earlier this week. In one respect it came to crunch time with the projector I had be awarded from the college lottery when I found out I would have to collect the projector in person, and in order to do so I would need a student card which I haven’t got and would need to get to Wilsons Road to pick it up.

The whole thing is too unwieldy especially combined with my ongoing circumstance.

I was talking this through with my sister who suggested showing in Durham and documenting the work and holding open the possibility of a live stream broad cast.

So this is the plan.

I have arranged with Empty Shop to show the final piece in the gallery/work space over the 12 and 13th June and document it.

So am arranging with Empty Shop about using the building for the live cast later in July.

Also made the decision to drop Korsakow as it just it wasn’t happening. That factor was a real worry. It is a great open source soft wear, but I really wanted to make the final project a direct physical response to a space.

A major part of this decision is it is how I work. Trying to do something different in such pressured circumstances was a bad decision.

Went back over the references to walking in music as a reflection of how embodiment of the use of our bodies as sites of social inscription are woven in to daily life.

Here are some of these references:

Walk like a man (Frankie Valli)

Just walk a mile in my shoes (Gladys Knight)

Walking on broken glass (Lennox)

Walk don’t walk (Prince)

I walk the line (Johnny Cash)

Walk on by (Stranglers)

Not your stepping stone (Monkees/Sex Pistols)

Walk this way (Aerosmith/Run DMC)

Strolling (Prince)

Walking on the moon (Police)

Walking Blues (Champion Jack Dupree)

Walking the dog (stones/Rufus Thomas)

Here comes the Hotstepper (Ini Kamoze)

I decided to take ‘I Walk The Line’ as a starting point.

Listening to it made me think about having to do what you think is the right thing/ acceptable thing/being kept in by society’s expectations/ taboos. I think there is an element of darkness in this song which is more present in Cash’s last recording ‘Hurt’.

Today at Empty Shop workspace I put electrical tape on the floor to make my own line to walk and spent an hour walking the line.

This will be part of the final documented work and hopefully be live streamed for the show.

Need to think about the tape. I would like it more visible. Red might be a better colour, or wider tape if it’s available. I used a mix of coloured tapes and quite liked that but need to pay attention to detail.

U2 W21

May 15, 2010

Some photographs taken at the Empty Shop premises earlier this week when I went to use the workspace there to shoot some video. Using the camera to look at surfaces where contact happens and get ideas for camera shots for the video camera.

Finally got a duplex printer for the zines this week. Very nice to be able to speed things upas Mail Art One will be 300 copies instead of the usual 100 this time round so there are plenty to go down to Camberwell for the show.

Also managed to get an external back up drive and am transfering videos etc on to it from the crashed computer.

Started a 10 week life drawing class on Wednesday.  Ideally it will give me a chance to review how I look and the visual choices I am making.

U2 W18

April 26, 2010

U2 W16

April 15, 2010

Below are some notes I made during my last video session at the Empty Shop work space:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Found video-ing at Empty Shop workspace stimulating and incredibly rewarding and am very lucky to have had the opportunity to move the work process in to that environment for this stage  but it has also been exhausting.

This has been good for pushing the question about the plausibility of the final piece taking the form of a live art broadcast.

Levels of exhaustion definitely push the necessity for a pre recorded piece. Have been reviewing the small video sequences that I have been building up and wondering how the small clips might hang if edited together.

Korsakow would provide an appropriate format for supporting the ideas outlined in my project and these video clips so I am going to attempt to re familiarize myself to it and use it to create a robust piece that will hopefully be of a good enough standard.

Don’t want to attempt to drive too many horses and am beginning to try to whittle back on the elements to include. Need to put all my energy in to completing a focused final work. At this point though feeling  daunted about completing the final piece really feel the need to be braver about standing by the core idea and stripping away any extraneous layers.

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April 11, 2010

U2 W15 p2

April 8, 2010

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