November 24, 2009

I am going through a phase where can’t seem to keep up with the course: going through the learning outcomes/assessment for unit one; thinking about the essay, trying to keep up with the chat content.

I realised today that a key element about walking for me is that it represents a freedom. A political freedom: anti capitalist not be reliant on money for a car, bus, whatever. I have never thought about the political implications. There was just a satisfaction in walking from A to B. That’s an issue that comes from the virtual walking environments currently being developed… lack of freedom. I will need to pay. Someone else will prescribe my views, my interaction, and sensory experience. Those implications worry me.

I was born and grew up in London. My family didn’t own a car and there wasn’t much money, if you wanted to go somewhere you walked. I would regularly walk from Kilburn where we lived to Oxford Street, Trafalgar Square or the Tate gallery and back again, without thinking about it.

Walking represents a personal freedom I never queried until health issues, location and transport became factors to me. For one reason or another it has become problematical to rely on walking and I realized that the small films I’ve made about walking for the course in some ways have acted as a document of that contrast.

It took writing the essay to make me realise these issues. It feels like not having seen something because it was too close. I wish I’d had had this overview before writing the essay but can start to take these ideas forwards from having engaged through the essay.