U2 w27

June 11, 2010

This week has been quite challenging.

Attempted Livestreaming from Empty Shop HQ this week, found the connectivity variable and cutting out frequently. So am trying to get my hands on a 15 meter ether net cable for Saturday.

Have had trouble updating my web site this week as BT has been timing out and dropping the internet connection with their server going down.

This got really problematic on Wednesday where it totally lost the connection for the afternoon and I needed the help from BTS support team to re programme the PC’s settings to get connection back.

I have a small video to embed tomorrow if I run in to further problems with connectivity on Saturday.

Finally managed to fully up date the website this afternoon:


My html is very basic so the layout isnt as good as I would like.

Got the lettering for the gallery walls on Tuesday from Signtime Graphics in Ferry Hill. They were very helpful. These are the sheets of text back home.

My friend’s car who was planning to give me lifts this week end, has broken down so there is a last minuet shuffle about getting things down to Empty Shop HQ tomorrow to begin installing.

But my siter has taken some leave off from her job and come up from Derby to help out over this week end.

It has been quite a difficult week and hope it will calm down and gel over the week end.

It will be useful run through for the Livestream casting for the final show.

Ina transfrered £360 acroos to me via paypal for printing the catalogues, so ordered the cover paper from Jessops on Thursday.

U2 W24

May 28, 2010

Spent this week working across several areas



Got the cheapest note book possible for this. Spent last week end installing the Livestream podcast download.

 Trying this out on Wednesday at Empty Shop to check that reception and streaming is ok in the building with a web cam that also has sound capture.



MADA 10 Show Zine:

 Have been able to extend the call out for the zine because of showing in Durham, so that side of things will be done sooner leaving more time for the printing.

 Ina has been really supportive as have Rod and Ethel. Sara kindly agreed for me to post some copies of Mail Art One to her and took them in for the f2f students to get an idea of what the MADA 10 zine might look like.

 Online students have also been very supportive and generous in making their work available to include. Really appreciate it as we are all looking at deadlines.

 Peer Feedback:

During my tutorial Andy suggested asking for some peer feedback to gain an idea of how others were experiencing the videos.

 I sent out an email with links to 3 video clips and brief sentence outlining what I had been looking to achieve.

 Again, my peers have been really supportive in this process, taking time to reply.

Will blog replies separately.



 During Tuesday online chat we discussed each others work.  It is fantastic to see everyone’s projects in the home stretch refining.

 It was very positive as my peers were enthusiastic about my show proposal here in Durham.

 Andy asked about the quality of the videos, which is something I looked into trying to improve a few weeks back. The kind of cameras that would give the quality of my Canon DLSR was too expensive for me…. BUT I did manage to find a good deal on a JVC camcorder which hope will give better quality video. Need to see if it is compatible with the note book, which my old camcorder isn’t using a firewire cable and the note book doesn’t have a port for that.

 He also suggests trying compositing which initially I wasn’t too keen on but having looked more at the link he suggested can see possibilities. Need to re install Premiere (it kept taking the computer down). But will try to have a go at it over this coming week end.

U2 W6

February 8, 2010

Spent this week end setting up a Live Stream account and testing it out. Didn’t have enough time to do more than basics like testing embedding Livestream  to  my website to view as well as viewing it from its http address, aim to broadcast a short live art test piece later this week.

Will  get a few people  to watch to  get some feed back.

Up date on the Emptyshop studio and am not going ahead with the studio let as I had hoped. Have had a change in  health circumstances which would have made it very difficult to get in as much as I would have liked, hope to be using the space to hire for short projects.