U2 W11

March 22, 2010




Marina Abramovic @ Moma:

‘The body as medium’

‘Performance art is temporary’

The Artist Is Present.


E-smog festival


Julian Priest:

Media actavist/artist… remote connections… attempts at fusing disconnected spaces with connected spaces.

Q raised about desirability of preserving places where you cannot be attached to the communications flow….. and just be in the local…

Julian priest member of Distance Lab Scotland:

Project based in the Highlands, supported by Scottish government to look in to ways of bringing digital technology to geographically challenging communities.

http://www.distancelab.org/projects/handmade/Tele-Trust : The Veil

Karen Iancel and Herman Matt


… Loss of expression and communication…. ‘Use of social skills is also a way to protect

yourself’….. Data veil… the veil is touch sensitive……. ‘Emphasizing the net worked space as an embodied space.’….. protective space.

Back Yard Dances:

Four dancers from different parts of the world in online collaborative choreographic work.

These are research notes from the past week … couldn’t complete the planed practical work as have been unwell the past week.

December 4, 2009

Thinking  about taboos…  also the idea of a performance piece being documented by video or photograph if it needs to be witnessed in order to be a performance piece if the viewing of it can be accidental… and the possible implications not wearing shoes in western society… about Marina Abramovic saying she no longer did pieces about endurance… The shoe throwing political protestor… use of another taboo.

Yes it was bitterly cold, slippery and surprisingly challenging to let myself do.  Very worried about explaining to any other walkers what I was doing and why.

December 4, 2009

Image Marina Abramovic presents….from the Manchester International festival 2009.

Marina Abramovic  interview  Journal of Contemporary Art, Inc. June 1990