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December 14, 2007


Missed Monday’s chat due to computer seizing up and having to wipe it back to factory settings again. Have installed cs3 and am starting to slowly work through the tutorials.

I think for video editing I will probably need Avid or final cut. But it is fantastic to have the cs3 soft-wear.

Have been researching books and on-line resources to support my proposal and hope to post that before Sunday.

Visited the Matisse  ‘Drawing with scissors’ exhibition at the local art gallery the DLI Museum.It was interesting to see an image of ‘The Snail’  as a faith-full scaled down lithographic print version of the large aper cut image from the Tate.

Have been reading ‘Spacious Body: explorations in somatic oncology.’ Jeffery Maitland,North Atlantic Books. 1995.

‘ I have discovered that the body is not  a mere thing among the other things of the objective world, and is not a soft machine. Rather, our human self is a psycho-spatial, psycho-temporal orientation, and so the transformation of the whole being, at whatever level it occurs, is always a bodily event.’

Next area  of this research is to read more around Descartes and Heidigger.

I had the assessment form from the learning disability team and am waiting to hear back from them.

In taking photos this week I have begun to look at shadows. They play a huge role. Again, need to research further in to shadows.

This is  a link posted by Susan Gaylord who makes books in America and has a monthly on-line newsletter that I receive. This is rather like a camera obscura. I like the fact that the natural light and built space combine to make a sort of installation.