September 13, 2008

This has been the 1 st. week back at college.

For Monday’s chat session we were introduced to the Wimba virtual class room environment.

It is a more flexible environment than Blackboard was. But I found myself floundering when confronted with a new format to learn at short notice and my computer froze repeatedly while trying to use it in the group chat.

I have tried Wimba classroom a couple of times since without these problems occurring so am hopeful to be able participate more fully next week.

To follow up my ideas about the seeming need in society for women to under go some physical metamorphosis in order to gain acceptance I have been looking in to Fairy stories and their symbolism and there is often found in classic fairy tales an idea of physical suffering or mutilation in order to achieve a transformation and reach a level of acceptance in some way.

Such an ethic can be found in the story of the Little Mermaid. In order to fulfill her love for the Prince the Little Mermaid has her tongue cut out by the Sea Witch in exchange fora potion which gives her legs instead of a mermaid’s tail, although she looses her voice and walking will feel like walking on knives.

During  on line research came across philosopher Luce Irigaray

And Elaine Scarry’s book ‘The Body and Pain’ which I am ordering from Amazon

Further researches lead me to the work of dancer, choreographer and hybrid artist  Yann Marussich.