April 13, 2009


I have been looking some more in to the idea of combining real time video with animation and looking at available motion capture soft wear. Simi motion tracking has been the starting point.







It would mean a considerable investment and also there would be the need to hire or buy at least 2 high speed cameras.


There is some other motion tracking soft wear available through Troika Ranch that is interesting me.





Hand  drawn rotoscoping is still a possibility that I’d like to explore:





But I am concerned about the time commitment involved to creating a piece this way and if it is achievable for me.



I am currently assembling the spring issue of Mail Art and hope to be posting out later this week.


Below are some Credo stills from small animations I’ve been trying out over the Easter weekend.








U2 W8

June 11, 2008

I am breaking away from Jonathan’s required format for the reflection for this entry as there are a great many thoughts and ideas that have been generated from Monday’s online chat and contextualization  which I want to jot down to make a reference for future enquiries.


I find the voice log difficult which I expected in terms of combining visuals with sound and also having the confidence to speak in front of others.


The process has made me aware of the shift in expectations of artists since I was at college. We were not expected to engage verbally. So this section is turning in to  a learning curve in what I am begining to think of as  ‘finding a voice.’


The chat on Monday was interesting and stimulating. 


A question that arose from it  was why dance? Why did I use that as a reference?

The easy answer that i gave was that the body awareness that I have comes from some dance practice and that practice informed me of my choices as an artist. 


To take that further, choreographers such as Butcher use the body as a tool in an interdisciplinary way cutting across what is traditionally thought of as dance or fine art and blur the definition or are in the process of creating a new one. 


This is a similar or possible parallel  development which is ongoing in our lives today as we become more reliant on the virtual world and technology.


This development in technology allows for a new development in ourselves.


This marks a shift in my own perceptions since starting this MA.


That what is occurring is not an  erosion but change.


In an attempt to try to understand this further I  plan to use previously booked sessions at the local community center and dance City Newcastle, to start photographing and video-ing body movement.


I began with this small video incorporating photographic stills of static feet that I took at the beginning of the week.



A reference put forward by Jonathan on Monday was for the dance company Troika Ranch.




In their piece ‘Yearbody’ Troika Ranch use 365 stills from a dance. The treatment of the stills showing them for 1/10 seconds has meant that the connecting movements are lost yet the dance remains.