There seems to be a huge amount of work happening just now and I have been continuing to work on the back up video and documentation videos for Camberwell.

I realized that the making of the video is in many ways is about taking control; and am realizing that I need to clarify for myself if the video is to solely be documentation or a more intuitive creative piece.

If it is an intuitive piece does it stop the video being documentation?

This video by Alistair MacLennan raises queries about documentation of live art.


June 21, 2010

Video editing isn’t something I am too comfortable with. There are issues to do with controlling or directing to an extent what the viewer sees that I am uncomfortable with.

Which seems a dichotomy when making a piece of art work?

One thing I have considered post the MA is taking a course in video making and editing and also looking for a collaborator to make some films with. Some to be on the other side of the camera, who could bring their own area of understanding and expertise to a project.

This aspect of visually controlling or directing a piece is for me less of an issue when doing a live cast work. I think it also demands a different kind of engagement from the viewer who becomes less passive through acting as a witness to a live event.

There is also the element of time and lived time that a live cast piece engages in.

There are 2 for me surprising realisations as the MA draws to a close:

  1. That I feel that my media is live art/video/photography (though in terms of recording/documenting a piece or in terms of creating a stand alone art work I’m not yet too sure)
  1. What I bring to my work and what is integral to it is the use of my own body.

Another issue that is beginning to come a little more in to focus at this point of the course is why it feels so difficult to create a ‘finished’ piece (especially since the zines are always part of a very clear production process).

It might be that I haven’t yet established a defined process I am comfortable with in order to create a finished work.

But it does instinctively feel more to do with holding up the wrong expectation in relation to the ensuing ‘product’ created through my practice.

It seems that given my work is founded on my body a ‘final piece’ would be just that and would be me tucked up in my coffin. (There are a lot of implications to think about and take forwards in that sentence.)

I hope to move forward from this MA and begin to review working practices and evaluate possible out comes in terms of recording and methodologies of creating work.

When I began the MA I expected to find a digital tool or methodology in order to ‘become’ a digital artist.

Through watching my peer’s project development e.g. May, Ina, Rod and many others I began to feel a discrepancy in our directions especially when I found using soft wear applications such as Dance Forms, Korsakow, and Adobe Premiere Elements so stifling.

What digital processes has given me is not so much a direct tool to house or deliver/create a work, but more of  means through which to question and examine something that was so familiar I couldn’t see it clearly.

There are so many exciting new pieces of interactive and digital works that are inspiring and raise engaging issues. I would very much like to try again with Isadora interactive softwear and also Korsakow, but really feel now need to go away and spend time working on my practice and further refining my understandings.

The next challenge will be establishing an ongoing practice outside of the MA, this is something I’m looking forward to. It wasn’t initially, but reviewing unit 2 has provided the realisation that there are more questions and ideas to pursue and that the MA has established a mode of practice which should stand me in good stead for moving forward.

Last Tutorial:

We discussed my broadcast at the week end. Jonathan mentioned that adverts come up on the Livestream screen if it’s watched in full screen mode, so am thinking about this, and the possibility of paying for a month to avoid this for the degree show broad cast.

Jonathan mentioned Gillian Wearing’s video 1996 work ‘Sixty minute silence’. Wearing has been an artist I have been aware of in the context of my work.

We discussed the idea of moving the piece out of doors to a street setting there are several issues over health and safety to do with this idea that I am not sure I will have time to resolve. But will be a project to take forward from the end of the MA.

We also discussed the positive impact the loss of broadband connectivity had on changing the piece to something more immediate and less staged. We also touched on the element of endurance to my work which is coming to the forefront.

We talked about the impact and importance of a piece being broadcast live rather than as a dvd. I still need to blog to clarify my position and ideas on this.

This is an issue that has just come up in an email today from Ina about cables and connectivity at the show and with the imacs having low wifi broadband connectivity.  Have been having ongoing connectivity issues again at home this week as has my sister working at Derby City Council where their broadband has been dropping out suddenly for half days over the past two weeks.

So will definitely create and send down a video in case connectivity is poor on the night or for the assessment.

The work just seems to be increasing.

It feels rather like trying to pack a house ready for moving, where you find your self living between two states or place of beinigng: one foot in the past and one in the future;  exciting, sad, bewildered too at times.

I am trying to be methodical.  Am starting to get a real sense of the journey I have made over this course. Its given me a bit of a shock as just now it seems to have been a huge one. Having more impact and bringing about more change than I realised. Now am focusing on packing up and letting go and looking ahead ready for the next leg of the journey.

Catalogue update:

The layout is pretty much complete. I have printed and folded the covers today.

Made mock ups using 2 different weights of paper:

There are 3 images that seem to be printing incorrectly and leaving un printed gaps in the image. I had this with the logo design and had to find a work around which will do again with these images if possible.

I also have concerns over the weight of paper for the catalogue given the number of pages, 27, which makes the final catalogue thicker than usual so am looking at other possible paper options as I want this to be as right as possible for the group.

U2 W24

May 28, 2010

Spent this week working across several areas



Got the cheapest note book possible for this. Spent last week end installing the Livestream podcast download.

 Trying this out on Wednesday at Empty Shop to check that reception and streaming is ok in the building with a web cam that also has sound capture.



MADA 10 Show Zine:

 Have been able to extend the call out for the zine because of showing in Durham, so that side of things will be done sooner leaving more time for the printing.

 Ina has been really supportive as have Rod and Ethel. Sara kindly agreed for me to post some copies of Mail Art One to her and took them in for the f2f students to get an idea of what the MADA 10 zine might look like.

 Online students have also been very supportive and generous in making their work available to include. Really appreciate it as we are all looking at deadlines.

 Peer Feedback:

During my tutorial Andy suggested asking for some peer feedback to gain an idea of how others were experiencing the videos.

 I sent out an email with links to 3 video clips and brief sentence outlining what I had been looking to achieve.

 Again, my peers have been really supportive in this process, taking time to reply.

Will blog replies separately.



 During Tuesday online chat we discussed each others work.  It is fantastic to see everyone’s projects in the home stretch refining.

 It was very positive as my peers were enthusiastic about my show proposal here in Durham.

 Andy asked about the quality of the videos, which is something I looked into trying to improve a few weeks back. The kind of cameras that would give the quality of my Canon DLSR was too expensive for me…. BUT I did manage to find a good deal on a JVC camcorder which hope will give better quality video. Need to see if it is compatible with the note book, which my old camcorder isn’t using a firewire cable and the note book doesn’t have a port for that.

 He also suggests trying compositing which initially I wasn’t too keen on but having looked more at the link he suggested can see possibilities. Need to re install Premiere (it kept taking the computer down). But will try to have a go at it over this coming week end.

U2 W21

May 15, 2010

Some photographs taken at the Empty Shop premises earlier this week when I went to use the workspace there to shoot some video. Using the camera to look at surfaces where contact happens and get ideas for camera shots for the video camera.

Finally got a duplex printer for the zines this week. Very nice to be able to speed things upas Mail Art One will be 300 copies instead of the usual 100 this time round so there are plenty to go down to Camberwell for the show.

Also managed to get an external back up drive and am transfering videos etc on to it from the crashed computer.

Started a 10 week life drawing class on Wednesday.  Ideally it will give me a chance to review how I look and the visual choices I am making.

U2 W16

April 13, 2010