Spent this morning running a final test for live feed for the assesments on Tuesday. It just wasnt happening, I have had poor connectivity all this past week and today was no different.

It has made no difference if I have been at home or at Empty Shop HQ, wireless or cable connected, the server just keeps dropping unexpectedly.

The possibility of this happening was something I had disscussed with Andy and my peers during the last chat session we had and had been advised to have a video piece incase of this eventualitity occuring.

I dont want this to happen durring either assesments or the private view, so I took the decission to draw the line under this part of the project at this point and  emailed Andy and Jonathan today to let them know that I wont attempt a live feed on Tuesday, and to thank them for their support and patience over this asspect of the project.

Iam very disapointed not to have been able to find a good work around, but this week at college has in part been about resolving technical issues and I  managed to broadcast uninterupted on the 13th June for 2 hours.

Here  is a video of the live cast piece. Again focusing on the notion of walking as an activity which is being obstructed, altered or made difficult.

The 12 stones are laid out in the form of a rough circle. This piece again has a  theme of endurance.

Will keep developing this piece now for the Meanwhile project show.

U2 W22

May 21, 2010

Final MA Project Update:

The last few weeks have been extreemly stressful due to personal circumstances. And I have been worried sick about completing the final project

Things came to bit of a head earlier this week. In one respect it came to crunch time with the projector I had be awarded from the college lottery when I found out I would have to collect the projector in person, and in order to do so I would need a student card which I haven’t got and would need to get to Wilsons Road to pick it up.

The whole thing is too unwieldy especially combined with my ongoing circumstance.

I was talking this through with my sister who suggested showing in Durham and documenting the work and holding open the possibility of a live stream broad cast.

So this is the plan.

I have arranged with Empty Shop to show the final piece in the gallery/work space over the 12 and 13th June and document it.

So am arranging with Empty Shop about using the building for the live cast later in July.

Also made the decision to drop Korsakow as it just it wasn’t happening. That factor was a real worry. It is a great open source soft wear, but I really wanted to make the final project a direct physical response to a space.

A major part of this decision is it is how I work. Trying to do something different in such pressured circumstances was a bad decision.

Went back over the references to walking in music as a reflection of how embodiment of the use of our bodies as sites of social inscription are woven in to daily life.

Here are some of these references:

Walk like a man (Frankie Valli)

Just walk a mile in my shoes (Gladys Knight)

Walking on broken glass (Lennox) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vj4SfIcR6Mw

Walk don’t walk (Prince)

I walk the line (Johnny Cash) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k7K4jH7NqUw

Walk on by (Stranglers)

Not your stepping stone (Monkees/Sex Pistols)

Walk this way (Aerosmith/Run DMC)

Strolling (Prince)

Walking on the moon (Police)

Walking Blues (Champion Jack Dupree)

Walking the dog (stones/Rufus Thomas)

Here comes the Hotstepper (Ini Kamoze) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0crujosNNo0

I decided to take ‘I Walk The Line’ as a starting point.

Listening to it made me think about having to do what you think is the right thing/ acceptable thing/being kept in by society’s expectations/ taboos. I think there is an element of darkness in this song which is more present in Cash’s last recording ‘Hurt’. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SmVAWKfJ4Go

Today at Empty Shop workspace I put electrical tape on the floor to make my own line to walk and spent an hour walking the line.

This will be part of the final documented work and hopefully be live streamed for the show.

Need to think about the tape. I would like it more visible. Red might be a better colour, or wider tape if it’s available. I used a mix of coloured tapes and quite liked that but need to pay attention to detail.

U2 W21

May 15, 2010

Some photographs taken at the Empty Shop premises earlier this week when I went to use the workspace there to shoot some video. Using the camera to look at surfaces where contact happens and get ideas for camera shots for the video camera.

Finally got a duplex printer for the zines this week. Very nice to be able to speed things upas Mail Art One will be 300 copies instead of the usual 100 this time round so there are plenty to go down to Camberwell for the show.

Also managed to get an external back up drive and am transfering videos etc on to it from the crashed computer.

Started a 10 week life drawing class on Wednesday.  Ideally it will give me a chance to review how I look and the visual choices I am making.

Symposium 2

May 1, 2010

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April 13, 2010

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April 8, 2010

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March 25, 2010

Two short videos filmed at Empty Shop studios open work space this week

It was good to be able to hire  a studio space for a few hours to work in. The space for hire  is lovely and also the light in the building is great and Carlo was really welcoming. The building has really come on since I first saw it and Carlo and Nick have done great things with setting it up and transforming a building that has lain empty for 10 years into an exciting and vibrant arts facility.

I tried to move the ideas in the pieces on in terms of scale and begin to think about creating movement through the pieces. Also to think about how things might work for a live cast.

Empty Shop is in a busy part of Durham City and I was aware of the constant movement of passers by outside which provided a contrast of movement and intention to the balancing pieces I was trying out.

The  contrast  of the two environments and their terms of intention and engagement is something I would like to consider building in to further pieces.